Area 3

Who/What? Text/Task Cost
Narrator New Day! /
Austin Back then this fountain was the best in town! I’d never thought it would be used for storage! /
Austin And all because of poor management. But things will be different from now on! /
Austin I wonder if we can find anything useful in with all that junk. Let’s take a look! /
Task 1 Investigate the fountain 1 star
Austin What do I see there ?! The suitcase that has been in the family for years! I got it from my father who got it from his father again. They were both butlers. /
Austin I thought I lost it during my move. The moving company even lost my bench... and that was a very large bench. /
Austin Come on, let's get the suitcase! I am very curious what is in it. /
Task 2 Get the suitcase 1 star
Austin This suitcase has been everywhere. On the lid was our family crest and our motto: "Always close and prepared!" I can't wait to open it ... /
Austin Oh, what a pity! The suitcase is locked and I don't remember the code! 007? 112? 123? Grandma's birthday? /
Austin No, none of them! We have to figure out the code by trying. /
Austin We have removed all valuable objects from the fountain. It is now time to throw the mess away. /
Austin I think this is too much for us. We have to call a cleaning company. Let's look up the number in the newspaper. /
Task 3 Search a telephone number in the newspaper 1 star
Austin I love the crackling sound of the paper. Oh, and here's the ad that I was looking for. Right next to an advertisement for masonry. /
Austin A cleaning company with a good reputation ... Here is the number. We just have to make an appointment. /
Austin Now that we're working in this area ... that dry hedge looks more like an evil centipede than a healthy shrub. Let's take him away. /
Task 4 Retrieve the code of the suitcase 2 stars + 5 min
Austin Wow, the code appears to be 451. I had completely forgotten that I had used the title of my favorite book by Ray Bradbury as a code. Let's see what's in it! /
Austin Ha! My textbook about housekeeping. There are so many useful tips in there! Such as how to iron a shirt without taking it off or how to make burn ointment. /
Austin Hey, what's that gray dumpling clothing? Oh no?! I can't believe that my butler uniform looks so awful! What a pity. /
Austin What should you not think of me? You will probably find Austin a poor butler with a uniform that would not attract even a shepherd. The uniform washing must be done as quickly as possible. /
Task 5 Make an appointment to clean the fountain 1 star
Austin Do I speak with Revolutionary Cleaning? With Austin /
Winston White Hello, Austin. I'm Winston White. I solve problems. Cleaning problems. /
Austin That's exactly what I need. Our old fountain in the garden is literally burried under mess. It needs cleaning. /
Winston White What do you want me to clean? The mess or the fountain? /
Austin Hmm... the fountain. We throw away the mess. /
Winston White Alright! We clean the fountain. And we do that without much noise. /
Austin I like your style. Goodbye. /
Task 6 Remove the dry hedge (part 1) 1 star
Austin Excellent! A garden should not look like a dark forest. It must be fresh, beautiful and above all alive. Let's remove the rest of that undergrowth. /
Task 7 Remove the dry hedge (part 2) 1 star
Task 8 Remove the dry hedge (part 3) 1 star
Austin Wow! My old bike! Ah, so much good memories. I remember riding downhill with the wind in my hair and a beating heart. I thought I was flying...
Austin I even settled a new record: One kilometer in fifty seconds. I was being chased by a mad dog...
Austin It's a pity my old friend is rusting away. I can fix him I think, but there is a lot of work: new spokes, new steering wheel, new paint.
Task 9 Clean the fountain 3 stars + 5 min
Winston White We found a pump between this mess. Keep it. Case of cleaning and using. I speak you later.
Austin Mister White is a man of few words and a lot of action. Good, because the pump is working, we could clean him and turn on the water.
Austin Mess is not the only thing wrong with this fountain! We should fix it.
Austin That paper is being of use again! There was an ad in it 'For all your masonry' next to Mister White's cleaning company's ad. We should call that company for repairs.
Task 10 Fix the bike 2 stars
Austin Here he is, almost as good as new! I called him 'The unstoppable' in the past because the brakes were broken.
Austin Now you can ride it through town with pride. Come on, We park him at the treehouse until a kid who wants it comes by.
Task 11 Park the bike at the treehouse 1 star
Austin It's so beautiful here. All my fine youthful memories are coming up.
Austin Ok, {name dog}, youlive in this area. You can guard that bike.
Dog Woof-woof!
Austin What? You want to try it? That's not a bad idea. Circusdogs can bike too. So you can teach it too.
Austin Martha will be amazed!
Task 12 Wash the costume and gloves 1 star
Austin I wore this costume when i had to defend my thesis at the Institute for Modern Butlers. Epic theeparty's, duelling with silver tray's, discussions about the lenght of jackets... Oh, what a time that was!
Austin And it still fits perfectly, {name}.
Austin I better take it of, that it can't become dirty. I will only wear it with special occasions.
Austin {name}, now i can show you how a traditional butler looks like. There is a visitor outside.
Austin Ah, I didn't had to change clothes.
Task 13 Meet the visitor 1 star
Austin Good day, sir. How can I help you?
Peter Hello. I'm Peter Waters. I'm your neighbour en wanted to visit so i could introduce myself. I think it's important to be befriended with my neighbours. In emergency's you need each other.
Austin I totally agree with you, Mister Waters. It's always a pleasure having a neighbour you can borrow salt or nails from.
Austin I'm Austin and I'm the butler, {name} is the owner of this beautiful mansion with its garden. Oh, There he is, {name}. Do you want to drink a cup of tea with Mister Waters?
Task 14 Serve tea 2 stars
Peter Your garden is beautiful, {name}, and it isn't even fire-dangerous. Believe me i'm a professional.
Austin So you're a firefighter, Mister Waters? It's probably great to ride in a big, red truck and ring the bell...
Peter The bell was not my time. We had sirens. I even had a home there to have some fun at night. But now I'm still bored because I'm retired...
Austin Come on, Peter. You can do so much stuff: Save cats, help the local gardeners watering their plants, or give some workshops about the use of fire extinguishers.
Peter I'm gonna think about that in my spare time... And I have a lot of that now. It was nice to meet you both.
Task 15 Clean the pump 1 star
Austin Wow, There is so much mess when you leave the pile being a pile. Oops, this frog family doesn't have a home anymore.
Austin The pump is clean! I can't wait till the water flows.
Task 16 Call the masonry
Henk Good day! You're speaking with the Rolling Stones. My name is Henk. Can I help you with something?
Austin Hello, You're speaking with Austin. Do you repair fountains?
Henk Ofcourse! What kind of fountain do you have? Classical, with statues, with a normal bassin, with waterfalls?
Austin The only thing I know for certain, is that this is the kind that is in bad shape. Cracks, broken edges, broken bassin.
Henk Right. We can start with the fountain repairs when you want to.
Task 17 Repair the fountain (part 1) 1 star + 10 min
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