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Hey, {name} is here! we have started repairing the garden. I am eager to restore everything.
  • Robbie Wood: Long time no see, buddy! Too bad you have forgotten your friend.
  • Austin:Don't worry. We will see each other soon!

We did it! the first area has been repaired! {name} performs miracles.

  • Olivia: That's my boy! Always working. But you look a little sad.
  • Austin: Hi, mom! I am thinking about how I can redecorate the following area

I expect an old friend! He can help us to break down the old tree house.

  • William: Austin, we used to renovate all our stuff.
  • Olivia: Oh, there must be a picture of you and Robbie near that house. I go search it!
  • Austin: Dad, we are building a new one, a better one.

Old-fashioned letters are rare these days. When did you last get one?

  • Robbie Wood: My wife sent me a postcard when she was on vacation, but she was already home when it came.
  • Olivia: you can't trust the mail anymore nowadays.

What type of bench should I purchase, wrought iron, Rotan or regular wooden benches?

  • Robbie Wood: You absolutely have to go for the wooden benches.
  • Olivia: Wooden benches are heavy, in contrast to rotan furniture. You need movers if you want to move them.
  • William: Wrought iron benches are more practical and last for years! In addition they look more decent. I would choose them!

It is as if there were never any gaps in the hedge.

  • Robbie wood: Regrets? The view through those holes was kind a beautiful!
  • Austin: Hahaha, Robbie, you are crazy!

The first flowerbed in our garden! My camera can't even capture so many colors!

  • Robbie Wood: Of course not. You haven't yet took a picture!
  • Austin: Robbie, I tried! But the colours weren't clear.

I collect books for the library. I have found two copies of "Tom Sawyer", but we only need one.

  • Robbie Wood: Austin, look if my name is on it. I once lent you that book.
  • Austin: Robbie, you are right. One of those books is yours! Did I borrow anything else from you?

We have a dog. {name} has chosen a name: {name dog}

  • Robbie Wood: Wow, Austin! When do you introduce your old friend to your new one?
  • Austin: Whenever you want, Robbie!

We have grown a new hut in our tree.

  • Olivia: When you were little, you loved to play in it!
  • William: I'd rather have seen apples grow on that tree instead of huts. I am rather practical in nature.
  • Austin: Dad, you've got more to happy memories than to apples!
  • Robbie Wood: That's right.

Now we have our own island ... or peninsula ... on the estate.

  • William: What happened?
  • Austin: I tried removing some trash out a hole...
  • William: You're exactly your mother. She also cleans always... And then i can repair what she had "cleaned".

What toy should I give my dog?

Working in the garden is a great alternative to the gym. Especially if you have to carry heavy things.

  • Olivia: Austin, are you making a new rock garden?
  • Austin: No, mom, a new tile path!

Our dog wants to become an impressionist painter.

  • Martha Goodwill: Austin! You used photoshop, right?
  • Austin: I wished... We were playing together.

I have decided to hang swings. They remind me of my childhood.

  • Robbie Wood: Hey, I remember those swings! Somebody fell off one time.
  • Austin: That was a nice swing! For a moment I thought I could become a pilot!
  • Olivia: A week long I went to the doctor, Even if I didn't want to.

{name dog} is even smarter than I thought. He learns new tricks in no time!

  • William: I think {name dog} is very clever!
  • Robbie Wood: Should I take a dog too...? I'm allergic to cats.
  • Martha Goodwill: I have a lot of dog breeds to choose from!

I have decided to start a blog about our dog. Stay informed!

  • Robbie Wood: Do we get to see funny videos?
  • Austin: I think so.
  • Olivia: Austin, a walk is better than sitting in front of your screen.
  • Austin: Mom, I'm the whole day in the fresh air, every day!

I dreamed that I had rakes instead of hands! What would that mean...

  • William: You probably have to take it easy.
  • Austin: Working in the garden is the best way to get to ease! By the way we can use a new rake...

I have never seen so much garbage! where do all those branches come from?

Have you ever set a record? Maybe for eating donuts or standing on one leg, or even for holding your breath?

I fixed up the bike I had when I was little! If I were just a couple of years younger...

  • Robbie Wood: Just a couple?

My old livery fits me perfectly. Looks like I'm still in good shape!

  • Olivia: I've been telling you that you look skinny!

We found my family suitcase -- It's a real treasure! I just wish I could remember how to open it!

  • William: If you find red suspenders, don't throw them away. One of my friends is looking for them.

I recommend Mr. White and Revolutionary Cleaning. I'm not even on his payroll -- I just think he does a good job.

  • Peter Waters: What about detailing car interiors? I have a specific case...

I found the perfect cleaning ad in a newspaper, not online! The paper is the way to go -- no spam, no scams, and you can even swat a mosquito with it. You can't do that with the internet.

  • William: That's true! I once tried to swat a fly with my tablet...
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