Big Race

Race Track

What is the Big Race

  • Big Race is a new Event in the game Gardenscapes, where you play on a new game-board- Scooter race
  • Earn Fuels, which can be obtained, by completing levels
  • Use Fuelto start the race
  • Avoid obstacles, and earn flowers on the way to the finish line
  • Use Boosters to collect more flowers
  • Earn Bonus, flowers after reaching the end of the race, by avoiding all obstacles
  • Compete with other players, to earn great rewards
Big Race3

Race Track


  • Magnet- Collects all nearby Flowers on the way for a few seconds
  • x2- Get twice the number of flowers on the way for a few seconds
  • Helmet- Protects the player from the obstacles, on the way


  • MINOR- Grass, Shrubs
  • MAJOR- Trees
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