In Game Social Network

Main Charterers

Supporting Charecters

  • Robbie Wood, a carpenter
  • Melinda Wood, Robbie's Wife
  • Martha goodwill, the Pet- Shop owner, who introduces the Dog to Austin
  • Winston White, the cleaner, who wishes to make the city green
  • Colin Stone, the mason
  • Peter Waters, an old senior citizen
  • Jason, an electrician, Alex's Husband (In the 15th Area)
  • Alex, a loving and free lady, Jason's Wife (In the 15th Area)
  • Nora, the Zoo-keeper
  • Sane, the Archaeologist
  • Chester, Austin's Uncle, new owner of Austin's Gardens
  • Claire, the Helicopter pilot of Butterfly
  • Jane, the scientist
  • Jean Louis, the sculptor, Austin's Crush
  • Rich, the topiary expert

New Characters

  • Andy, the Artist
  • Jonson, the old, and cheerful groom
  • Mary, a young girl who appears in the new events
  • Marthias, the tourist
  • Bill Young, an Oceanographer

Event Hosts

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