Electric Show

The Electric Show is a regular competitive in-game event.

The event is time-limited and consists of two stages:

  • Charge and activate Rainbow Blasts to score the number of points you need to unlock the competition itself and get a reward.
  • Score as many points as you can to top the leaderboard and win the main prize.

The event doesn't feature any special levels, so just keep playing from the level you were at in the game. The number of points you score is calculated based on the number of tiles that Rainbow Blasts cover. Use them to remove the most common pieces on the field to get the most points!


  • The Electric Show is open to all players at level 26 and higher.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection to participate in the competition and to access the leaderboard.
  • The event is only available on devices with more than 600 Mb of RAM.

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