Selections of "free" and "paid" items for the Tree House area

Garden Cash (in the game it is GardenCash) is a special currency used to buy themed decorations in the Decor Catalog. These new options, which you can purchase with Garden Cash do not replace the standard three choices you may choose from. 

These "paid" options are in addition to your "free" inventory and can be selected and changed in an unlimited capacity. 

Garden Cash Rewards

  • Hard Levels earn you 20 Garden Cash
  • Super Hard levels earn you 30 Garden Cash


Tree house area consists of 16 decorations, which is categorized as

Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise

Wild West

Wild West

Fountain Area

The Fountain Area consists of 8 desert decorations

Enchanting Oasis:

Enchanting Oasis

Monument Area

The area consists of 8 Warrior Themed Decorations

Mesmerizing Dream

Mesmerizing Dream

Maze area

The area consists of 8 Dutch themed decorations

Dutch Masterpiece

Dutch Masterpiece

Water Area

The area consists of 8 fairy themed decorations

Dream Land

Dream Land

Cascades Area

The area consists of 8 Greek themed decorations

Sentorini Serenity

Cascades decor

Santorini Serenity

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