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The Garden has been abandoned for quite some time and needs work.
The game is divided into different areas. The objective is to restore each garden area by collecting and using stars to complete the tasks. Each area is completed in game days which is divided into a certain amount of tasks.

Austin's Garden

  • The first area to restore at the Mansion is Austin's Garden
Number of Days 0
  • You receive a letter from Austin. He was your great uncle's butler
  • You have inherited your great uncle's beautiful mansion and a lovely garden
  • Austin invites you to come and see the place
Garden Area
Number of Days 1
  • Austin arrives and is now the new butler of the Mansion that you now own
  • With your help, he restores the first area in the Mansion, the Garden
Treehouse Area
Number of Days 3
  • Austin and his childhood friend Robbie share some fine memories
  • They restore their old treehouse and the nearby area
  • Austin meets Martha and adopts a pet dog
Fountain Area
Number of Days 4
  • Austin is in a search for a treasure in their old fountain
  • Collin gets a sharp hammer and fixes the old fountain
  • But Austin cut a tree, and it breaks the entire fountain
Monument's Garden
Number of Days 5
  • The Old knights and kings of Austin's imagination
  • Austin meets Peter, Rich and Jean Louis
  • He participates in a Flower completion and wins
Maze Garden
Number of Days 5
  • Austin sees his old maze in ruins
  • He plans to reconstruct the huge old statue
  • Henry, the journalist visits his garden
  • Peacocks in the maze
The Gazebo
Number of Days 5
  • The pier is in reconstruction
  • A mighty water lift and a huge statue
  • The Ducks in the Pier
  • Austin meets Jason, the electrician
Cascades Garden
Number of Days 5
  • Austin meets Alex and plans for restoring the old love story of Romeo and Juliet
  • Someone dances in Austin's Garden and leaves the area in chaos. It was none other than Alex
  • Alex gets trapped in an old house, and Jason saves her
  • Everyone celebrates the end of the restoration in the area with
Dog Training Area
  • The dog wins a training competition
Eastern Garden
Number of Days 5
  • Austin is ready to relax and meditate
  • He meets the old and famous meditator Master Akira
  • Robbie and Akira try on an old game
  • Austin and his friends have a tea party
Stable Garden
Number of Days 5
  • Austin is the owner of a show- jumping horse
  • William, arrives in the scene to take care of her
  • Austin plans a date for Jason and Alex
Picnic Garden
Number of Days 5
  • Austin and Kids go beyond the river for adventures
  • A campfire evening with a special kitchen

Garden Map

Charles Stevens' Gardens

  • After the first garden is restored, Austin goes to the second garden called Charles Stevens' Gardens
  • He goes to the second garden because Sean wants to study Charles Stevens more about what happened in his life
  • After restoring the second garden, he gives the keys to the garden to Uncle Chester, the owner of the second garden when he leaves it
Charles Stevens' House
Number of Days 5
  • Austin's adventures in a new mansion
  • He befriends Sean the historian, who helps him find the enchanted tales of his house
  • He comes across a ghost, which turns out to be a cute little kitten wanting a home
Dino Park Garden
Number of Days 5
  • Austin discovers a map of Dino Park and recreates it
  • They find a large turtle and name it Dino
  • Robbie's wife Melinda is first introduced in the story in this area, as a vet
  • Jack Louis makes lots of dinosaurs in this area
Meteor Garden

Number of Days 5
  • A meteor impacts the guest house
  • Austin builds an observatory for Jane
  • Jane gives a presentation about the Meteor
Rabbit Park
Number of Days 5
  • Austin finds a lot of rabbits in the new garden area, he pets them and gives them a new house
  • He meets Jacques, a young, brave nephew of Jean Louis who likes playing video games. However, Austin changes his mind and swords him as a knight for his bravery
  • Jason plans a surprise for Alex and proposes to her
Wedding Archipelago Garden
Wedding Archipelago.png
Number of Days 5
  • Austin's mom comes for a visit to stay for a few days. They start restoring a backwater island
  • Jason and Alex's wedding venue closed for renovations. Austin plans to make the island a wedding archipelago
  • They plan a wedding stage, dressing area, seats, and a special fountain
  • Jason and Alex finally marry, with Austin giving them a special hot-air balloon ride
Theater Garden
Theater Area.png
Number of Days 5
  • Uncle Chester comes to stay with Austin. He used to be a theater director and has now gotten into gardening
  • Austin and his Uncle Chester plan to recreate Romeo and Juliet's drama. Nora decides to play Juliet, but there was no Romeo. Finally, they cast Sean to play the role of Romeo
  • After the initial fear, and disagreements with Chester, Nora decides to leave, but Chester encourages her, and the play becomes a grand success
Seasons Garden

Number of Days 5
  • Someone has given Austin's name to participate in the Gardener, a huge competition in their locality. Austin decides to go ahead
  • The theme for the Gardener is 4 seasons. The host of the event is a tough lady Clarissa, who has initial fights with Chester but finally becomes good friends at the end
  • He meets Matthias Keller, who was introduced as a tourist, watching him do the garden area. He is revealed to be a government official, who wanted to find a good owner for Calvadori's villa
  • Winston decided to investigate who registered Austin for the Gardener and finds out it was Matthias himself. Upon liking his investigation skills Winston decides to become a private investigator
  • Austin wins the gardener and gets the keys to the famous architect Calvadori's villa. He celebrates the occasion
  • Austin gives his house and cat to Chester, and bids adieu to his friends

Calvadori Gardens

  • Austin got the Calvadori Villa as a prize in the competition
  • Every garden needs 5 days to complete it
Calvadori's Villa
  • Austin and his dog move to a new villa
  • He meets a new friend - Bill, a sailor, and oceanographer
  • Old friends come to Austin: Robbie, Colin, and Jean-Louis
  • Austin had to find the singing statues and complete Calvadori's plan, which he completed
The Atlantis
  • Austin receives a gift from his dad: flippers and a water suit, and discovers a sunken city
  • It turns out to be Calvadori's Atlantis which can be raised so Austin decides to restore it
  • Austin must solve the main secret of this park, and find out where the real Atlantis is
  • Austin needs to find 8 strange stones and find out the Atlantean cipher
  • He meets Sandra, Rich's niece, who helps him find the remaining stones and find out the location of the real Atlantis
  • Austin finds dolphins nearby
  • Help Austin make Calvadori's film and discover the truth about the existence of Atlantis
Botanical Garden

  • Austin receives a letter from Matthias and begins to rebuild the Calvadori Botanical Gardens
  • Austin gets an intern, Elsa, who will help him restore the Botanical Garden
  • Austin and Elsa must restore Calvadori's strange gazebo
  • Austin, Elsa, and Mathias will have to rebuild the additional resting area, "Halt"
  • Austin, Elsa, and Sandra must also restore the greenhouse at the Calvadori Botanical Gardens and raise the fragile Amber Princess
  • Help Austin and Elsa bring the Amber Princess back to life
  • Find out the secret of your assistant - Elsa
Open Air Museum
  • Martthias finds Calvadori's old seaplane
  • Austin plans to create an open-air museum to prepare for an air show
  • He meets a mischievous parrot Roger
  • Robbie and Collin help Austin to recover from PTSD after he got stuck on the top of the rock for the whole night
The Lighthouse

  • Unlock a new area with an old lighthouse
  • Meet Bill's old friend and nature lover, Captain Susan Boyd and help save the seals
Garden of Wonders
Garden of Wonders.png

  • Clarrisa is hosting a new competetion called Garden Nights and Austin decides to make a garden of wonders
  • Recreate the Sphinx, City of Petra and the Stonehedge and turn a sunken ship into an art installation.
  • On the day of the event the forecasters predict a huge storm. Austin decides to present the storm as an element of his project
  • Austin wins the show
Spring Resort
Spring Resort.png

  • Design a resort in a new area.
  • Restore Calvadori's mineral springs, and learn their properties
  • Give home to a family of Capybaras
  • Meet Harry Grubbs, a buinessnessman who wants to buy the springs for building a hydroelectric power plant.
  • Help Austin save his property from getting sold
Amusement Park
  • details to be added
The Park of Inventions
  • details to be added
The Legendary Path
  • details to be added

Film Studio Gardens

  • Yashmit called Austin to come to the Film Studio to restore it
  • He gone to the Film Studio by the train in Legendary Path
  • It was connected from the Legendary Path to The Film Studio
Wonderwood Film Studio
  • details to be added
Princess and the Pirate Garden
  • details to be added
Wild West Garden
  • details to be added
Land of Elves Garden
  • details to be added
The Reality Show Battle
  • details to be added