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Have a look at this one. Of course, Austin is a bit older now, but I think I look the same.
  • William: Nonsense! You look even better now!
  • Olivia: Honey, you're as romantic as ever!

I miss those days. That was when Austin started wearing bow ties ans suspenders.

  • Austin: That's right! I was already pretty sharp back then!
  • William: I was the one who gave Austin his first bow tie.

There's so much interesting news in the newsfeed!

  • William: What news? What are you talking about?
  • Olivia: The mansion and garden where our son works!

See what I found: a photo of you and Robbie when you were little and were playing in this part of the garden. I found another one, but with you as a baby and you have no pants on. Shall I post it too?

  • Austin: Mooom! Don't do it! Everyone can see your posts, NOT ONLY ME!
  • Olivia: Ok, I leave the other one in our family album.
  • Robbie Wood: Wow, we are the last of the Mohicans!

Hey! If you know me, please add me to your friends list!

  • Peter Waters: What about people who don't know you?
  • Olivia: They should meet my husband first!
  • Peter Waters: And who's your husband?
  • William: That would be me!
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