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I'm still working on my dream -- a city built on the treetops of the green valley forest.
  • Austin: Great idea! It reminds me of something...
  • Olivia: Who's going to live in that town?
  • Robbie Wood: Good question.

Check out the photo I just found! That's right, it's me.

  • Wiliiam: I must have taken this picture on Austin's birthday!
  • Austin: That's right, Dad, of course you did!

I think furniture made of wood is more comfortable than furniture made of metal or plastic.

  • Peter Waters: I totally agree with you! A wooden armchair next to the fireplace... what could be cozier?

Two houses in just two days! Well done!

  • William: Robbie, what is your secret? Do you do it all by yourself?
  • Robbie Wood: William, It's because how big those houses are )))
  • William: What are those brackets?
  • Robbie Wood: They're smileys, William!

Austin, I worked out a design for a two-story doghouse. Don't you want to get one for your dog?

  • Austin: I'd better not! If i go down that road I could end up building a swimming pool and getting a golf course for my dog. And I don't really want to spoil him.
  • Martha Goodwill: Robbie, your project sparked my interest. Can you make anything similar for my cats?
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