The Golden Cup

The Golden Cup is a competition between players who've beaten all the levels in the main chain of levels.

  • The objective of the Tournament is to win great prizes, which you get by holding a spot among the top ten on the leaderboard.
  • Players climb the leaderboard by beating special levels and earning gold cups. You get one cup for beating one level.
  • The earlier you join the The Golden Cup, the better the prizes!

Important note:

  • New levels are regularly added to the main chain of levels. The faster you beat them, the sooner you're able to join the Tournament and earn a spot among the top players.
  • If you lose your internet connection while playing levels, you'll still be awarded golden cups, but you need to reconnect to the internet to access the leaderboard.

What happens to Gold cups after the Event?

The Golden Cup is a time-limited event, and it only appears in the game during certain periods of time. Once the Tournament is over, new levels get added to the main chain of levels in the game. After you've beaten them, you can take part in the next The Golden Cup, where the tally of gold cups for all players is reset.



1- Champion! 6000 Coins
2 3000 Coins
3 2000 Coins
4 to 10 ?
Remaining Participants ?
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