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This social network is so useful! Why didn't I sign up before?
  • Olivia Because of your fear of new technology.
  • William: What?! I'm not afraid of technology!
  • Olivia: So why are you still using that old film camera?
  • William: Film is more reliable, that's why!

I just bought a digital camera. I'm reading the instructions right now.

  • Olivia: The best way to learn to take pictures is to practice.
  • William: The instructions don't say anything about that!

I'm thinking about becoming a professional photographer.

  • Olivia: Good idea. You have the camera, you've read the instructions...
  • William: Sometimes I get the feeling you don't believe in me.

This is something Austin and I made when he was a kid. I just found it in the attic today.

  • Austin: Wow! What a find!
  • Robbie Wood: I remember how jealous I was! And then I made one for myself! I guess that's why I decided to become a carpenter.

I was so proud of my boy! And I still am.

  • Olivia: I still have his mortarboard!
  • Robbie Wood: Austin used to play in a rock band with me in his free time! Everyone was jealous of his rocker hairstyle. We had a lot of fans!
  • William: That's right, I used to hear you practicing in the garage all the time.
  • Austin: Those were concerts, Dad, not band practice!
  • William: It sounded like band practice...

Wow these dance shoes are very tight! But that's how Olivia wants it.

  • Austin: Dad, are you following dancing lessons?
  • Olivia: Good dancing shoes must sit tight. Just wait: After a few lessons you won't even feel them anymore.
  • William: Indeed, Austin. Your mother has devised a new hobby for us. Olivia, you mean my feet with "you won't even feel them anymore".
  • Olivia: William! I mean your shoes of course!

The fishing channel is of the air today. Am I the only one with problems or does this apply to more people?

  • Robbie Wood: William, stop looking at television and others fishing. Let's go fishing ourselfs!
  • Martha Goodwill: I'm not receiving some channels too.
  • Olivia: Well, William, I wouldn't mind going fishing for one day. We can immediately try our new barbecue!
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